4 Reasons Why your startup needs to apply for our program

1 We can help you land awesome pilot projects corporate partners

Our partner network includes some of the biggest names in the business – Porsche, Deutsche Bank, DELL, and the European Energy Exchange (eex) are just a few examples of companies we work with. We can get you direct access to partner and pilot projects with these corporations, to help you get up and running fast.

2 We’re 100% founder friendly

Accepted startups for our program pay NOTHING to take part in the program. We do not take shares from your company, and we do not charge any fees. In fact, accepted startups can receive up to 15,000€ in free funding just for participating in the program.

3 We can help you expand past German and EU borders

Our network of partners, mentors, and research and educational institutions goes well beyond the geographical borders of Germany and even the EU. If you want to expand your startup far and abroad, we can help you do that all.

4 Our location is simply fantastic

Leipzig is a fantastic city for startups! The scene here is growing rapidly, and our close proximity to Berlin gives founders access to everything in Berlin, without any of the competition. Plus we’re housed in Leipzig’s historic Spinnerei, which is an absolutely beautiful and inspiring place to work.

  • Ranked: No. 2 Best Startup Accelerator in Germany

  • Ranked: No. 17 Best Startup Accelerator in Europe

  • Listed as one of the Top 3 Startup Accelerators in Germany

Rankings are based on an independent study of EU-Based Startup Accelerators conducted by Venionaire Capital and an additional independent study led by the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (RFH)


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Don't make having a startup be painful. Our startup accelerator program can help heal you.


Timeline for our 10th Class 
Next Application Deadline:28th of January, 2020
Next Program Start DateTBD (Approximated March 2020)
Next Program End Date:TBD (Approximated September 2020)

How to apply to our startup accelerator program

Our entire application process is hosted in F6S. Simply fill out the questions on the form and upload the requested documents, and that’s it! You can apply in either English or German.

Is your startup a good fit for the SpinLab / FAQ?

Who should apply?

If you are an excellent team of passionate and entrepreneurial founders with a scalable, technology-based concept, in the later pre-seed, seed, or expansion phase, we want you in our program! Early pre-seed projects will only be chosen in exceptional cases.

What industries and areas of tech is the SpinLab interested in?

We welcome, and have successfully hosted, startups from areas such as eHealth, IoT, Automotive, InsurTech, Sensors, Industry, Energy, Smart City, Block Chain, AI, Wearable Technology, and Security.

How long is SpinLab’s program?

The program runs for six months in the beautiful city of Leipzig. There’s a ton to do here for both your startup and in your personal life. We’ve got lakes, universities, parks everywhere, great music, culture, food, and art scenes, and the city is the perfect size!

Is the program truly 100% free for founders?

YES! Accepted founders pay 0 to be here, there are no fees, there is no equity or shares of your company that we take, if you get into the program your startup stays 100% yours. We’re funded by our awesome partner network which allows us to provide a completely free program for the startups we host.

Does SpinLab accept non-German startups?

YES! And we even encourage non-German startups to apply. We believe innovation can be born anywhere in the world, and we want to help push those initiatives. The only requirement here is that founders be able to communicate in either business level English or German, otherwise things could get…difficult.

Will the SpinLab help with relocation for non-German based startups?

We want to do everything we can to host the world’s most promising startups, so if you make it through our extremely competitive application process and get selected for one of our classes, we will do everything we can to make your shift to Leipzig for the duration of our program as smooth and as easy as possible.