Have An Event in Leipzig? Rent our Meeting Room!

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Planning an event can be a lot of work, but finding an appropriate meeting room in Leipzig to host your event should be easy! Here at the SpinLab we’re equipped with a great conference room that we rent out with a fixed daily rate. We’d be happy to have you host your event here in the beautiful Leipziger Baumwollespinnerei in Leipzig’s thriving neighborhood of Plagwitz.

Room Pricing Quick Reference Guide (Further details below):

Big Conference Room (Up to 30 People): 250 € + VAT per day

Small Conference Room (Up to 6 People): 200 € + VAT per day

Specific Arrangement of Chairs & Tables: 50 € + VAT

Guided Tours of the SpinLab (Max 40 minutes): 150 € + VAT

Schedule a pitch with one of our Founders: 100 € + VAT (Per Startup)

Key Information About Renting the Room

Amazon Web Services provides a workshop in our meeting room.

How much does the room cost?

The biggest conference room comes at a fixed daily rate of 250€ + VAT. This is set pricing, whether your book the room for 8 hours, or 1 hour, we charge at this rate per day regardless. Regardless of how long you need the room, you’ll find this pricing quite competitive and fair.

Are there smaller rooms available?

Yes, we have three other smaller conference rooms available in the SpinLab. Each room can comfortably hold an event with up to 6 participants. These rooms can be booked separately, or in addition to the main conference room. The costs for the small rooms are 200€ + VAT per day.

What if I want a guided tour of the SpinLab’s facilities?

We’ll gladly set up one of our staff members to arrange a 30 minute guided tour for your event. If you’d like to add this to your reservation, just let us know so we can arrange it. Guided tours are an additional cost of 150€ + VAT.

When can I use the room?

The daily rate allows you to utilize the room during our normal operating hours which are Monday – Friday between 09:00 – 17:00. But we’re flexible with this, if you need the room outside of these parameters (e.g. Weekends) simply ask us, we cannot guarantee it, but we will see what possibilities are available.

What does the daily rate include?

The room is well equipped to handle most meeting and event needs. Here is a list of features and items you will be provided with on the daily rate. (These amenities are for the main conference room only. If you’re interested in a smaller room, please clarify you needs with us and we will see what is possible).

  • Unrestricted access to our meeting room
  • Use of the projector, board, and other presentation materials shown in the picture
  • Access to the toilets in the facility for you and your guests
  • Access to necessary adapters to connect to the project / remote clicker

How many people can the room hold?

With tables, the room can comfortably hold 30 people. In this setup (displayed in the pictures below) not everyone will have table space as some people will have to sit along the wall. If you go true presentation style without tables, the room can comfortable hold 45.

What about setting up the room?

Because our room rental rates are significantly lower that other, physical setup of the room such as chairs and tables is not included in the rental price. You and your team will be responsible for coming to the SpinLab early enough to set up the room as you need it. If you’d like our team to handle it, the cost for room setup will be 50€ + VAT.

What if I need food, drinks, and/or Catering?

Most guests usually require some sort of catering to provide food and/or snacks for the event. This is something you’ll need to coordinate on your own, as we don’t provide any type of catering service or refreshments, outside of our kitchen’s water dispenser and coin-operated coffee machine. That being said, we can make some recommendations from organizations right here in the Spinnerei that would be happy to provide catering services for, and are already familiar with the layout of the Spinnerei and SpinLab:

  • For full meal catering, we recommend contacting Kirow Kantine at 03414953322
  • For refreshment catering (e.g. Coffee, Snacks, Cakes), we recommend contacting Cafe Versorgung at 03419261715

Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own materials and food into the meeting room, but we ask that you clean up after yourselves. We are a small team and don’t have cleaning / maintenance staff, so we just request that you properly dispose of any materials you bring in.

At minimum, we’d recommend bringing some disposable cups for your guests to use at the water dispenser. We provide glasses, but there are times when the dishwasher can get backed up and glasses become scarce. Coffee cups are typically available at all times.

What will the environment be like?

We’re a startup accelerator, so if you rent the room during the week you’ll get to see our normal daily operations in action. Don’t worry though, the meeting room can be completely closed off, and you’ll have your own environment to have discussions and meetings without any type of interruption or distractions from our side. We really only have one basic rule that we asks guests to follow:

“When taking breaks out of the room, please don’t use the main area of the SpinLab.”

We are a place of work, and if too many conversations are happening outside of the meeting room, this can be extremely distracting for our startups. Luckily, weather permitting, the Spinnerei provides a great environment to sit outside for a bit while your meetings are on break. Furthermore, we do have a very big hall outside that can be used as a break spot, where conversations cannot be heard in the SpinLab.

If you want a quick overview of what we do as a whole, and what the rest of the office space looks like, this two minute video can do both things very quickly.

Where is SpinLab Located?

As mentioned, we’re located right in the heart of the Spinnerei in the bustling neighborhood of Plagwitz. You can find us at:

Spinnereistr. 7
Halle 14
04179 Leipzig

Find our directions HERE (in German and English).

Feel free to contact us: +49 (0) 341 355 85-70 or [email protected]

Images of our Meeting Room