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Our startup blog provides useful insights and tips or tricks we have learned at SpinLab for startup entrepreneurs in the fields of investor relations, fundraising including public grants, financial planning, tech topics, legal stuff, online marketing or recruiting amongst others. Our goal is to share key learnings with you.

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Startup Blogs in 2019: How you can get yours up and running in 20 minutes or less

There's no excuse to not have a blog for your startup in 2019. Follow these steps to get a new startup blog setup in 20 minutes or less.

Startup Accelerator - A term new founders must be familiar with

Are you new to the startup world and are wondering yourself what a Startup Accelerator is? Don't worry, you're not the first! We break it down for you here.

How to create a Value Proposition for your startup in 2019

Learn about startup value propositions, what they actually mean for your startup, and how to implement them into a solid sales strategy.

Effective landing pages for startups: Evaluating the latest Neil Patel offer

Does your startup struggle to create effective landing pages for your marketing campaigns? If yes, check out what we learned from Neil Patel's latest gem.
no equity no costs a spinlab rap

No Equity, No Costs - A SpinLab Rap

You may know of many startup accelerators, but how many of them are equity free? More importantly, how many of them can rap about it?

Why the German Venture Capital gap is not (only) in later stage

The venture capital gap is sometimes wrapped in a cloud of uncertainty. Here we explore trends specific to Germany's investment scene.
figuring out coworking spaces in leipzig is difficult, but we're here to help

Coworking Spaces in Leipzig - A guide for newcomers

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the massive amount of great coworking space options in Leipzig? Then this guide is for you!

#SupportSpinLabStartups: Win a brand new tex-lock for your bicycle

We're giving away a tex-lock to one lucky winner of our Instagram Giveaway Contest! Read here how you can enter to win one of these beutiful bicycle locks.

5 Tips to Write a Business Plan for a Tech Startup: Become a Leader

Check out the recap of events and knowledge from our third HHL SpinLab Investors Day.

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