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Our startup blog provides useful insights and tips or tricks we have learned at SpinLab for startup entrepreneurs in the fields of investor relations, fundraising including public grants, financial planning, tech topics, legal stuff, online marketing or recruiting amongst others. Our goal is to share key learnings with you.

COVID-19 & Funding for startups: How the landscape will evolve

Tips on finding funding during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Product Market Fit and Your Startup: 7 Things you need to know (2020)

7 ways to get started properly with your startup's product market fit.

How to be HAS (Helpful As Sh%t) and why your startup should care

How you support your customers is, dare I say, even more important than your product. Let's break down what helpful means, and why it's important.


How to setup proper sales strategies for your startup's business plan.

How you can support spinlab startups during the corona virus pandemic

During these times, it is up to us as a society to continue to push the economy and innovation during these hard times.

International Venture Capital and Forced Exits: Recapping HHL SpinLab Investors Day 4

Check out the recap of events and knowledge from our fourth HHL SpinLab Investors Day held at the Kunstkraftwerk in Leipzig.

Interview with our Canadian Partner North Forge

Interview with our Canadian Partner North Forge

VIDEO - HHL SpinLab Investors Day January 2020 Recap

Our newest parody video on this topic, which pokes some fun at the somtimes funny wikihow illustrations. Enjoy!

Rheinwerk Social Media Marketing Days 2019 in Cologne

Learn about startup value propositions, what they actually mean for your startup, and how to implement them into a solid sales strategy.

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