Creative Location

Work at the famous SPINNEREI, a creative venue in Leipzig – one of the most dynamic cities in Germany which is located in the center of Europe.

First-class program

“SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator” offers a truly unique and excellent program supported by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, one of the leading entrepreneurial universities in Europe.

But no equity taken.

We don’t charge anything nor take equity. Our program is financed by a couple of great partners who are investors or established companies.

Top Rated Startup Accelerator Program for Startups in Germany and Beyond

  • Ranked: No. 2 Best Startup Accelerator in Germany

  • Ranked: No. 17 Best Startup Accelerator in Europe

  • Listed as one of the Top 3 Startup Accelerators in Germany

Rankings are based on an independent study of EU-Based Startup Accelerators conducted by Venionaire Capital and an additional independent study led by the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (RFH)

SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator is a startup accelerator that supports the growth of entrepreneurial and innovative teams who want to scale up their businesses. Located within Leipzig’s creative and inspiring Cotton Mill (Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei), we provide access to infrastructure (co-working office space and technology), coaching and mentoring, as well as to our international network of successful business founders, established market players and leading investors. Our program is 100% free for accepted startups.

We are a joint initiative of Leipzig’s Cotton Mill, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and our valued partners founded in 2014.


Excellent team of 2 – 4 founding members

An outstanding, scalable idea

Passion, energy, and willingness to realize your dream

(Pre-)Seed or expansion phase startups

Dedication to technology

How to join SpinLab?

Passionate business founders and innovators with innovative, technology-oriented and scalable business concepts are welcome and invited to apply for our 6-month program!

“We’re supporting this project because the accelerator concept won us over with its combination of business, science and a great location. Here at taskforce we want to participate in the increasing digitization of the economy as well, of course, as demonstrating our management competencies in stimulating cases.”

Lennart KochFounder and CEO, taskforce - Management on Demand AG

“Our experience at SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator has been extremely valuable and crucial to the growth we have experienced with our company. The program helped ease some of the pains of the early stages of founding a company, and really helped us by providing access to a great business network that led to both funding and business opportunities. All of the startups in Germany who are just beginning should absolutely apply for the program.”

Klaus MochalskiCEO, Rhebo

“We have been working closely with Spinlab – The HHL Accelerator for many years now and collaborate in many dimensions to support start-ups in the region and beyond. The amount of opportunities the SpinLab has brought to Leipzig and Saxony in combination with the educational efforts of HHL have created an ecosystem that is unrivaled. All founders who undertake our program are enabled to bring their startup to the next level.”

Prof. Dr. Stephan StubnerDean, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

“SpinLab fosters innovation through new ways of exchanging creativity and entrepreneurship. For me artists and entrepreneurs do have a lot of similarities, since they work independently on creative processes and high uncertainty about the outcomes and customer reaction. Also, both want to make money to continue and improve their businesses! Like in a gallery, the time period in SpinLab is limited to six months. Afterwards these teams can establish businesses that are active all over the world.”

Gerd-Harry LybkeGalery founder and director, EIGEN+ART

“SpinLab is a great experience for every entrepreneur laying the foundation for a successful business. The impact we received helped us grow to seed stage fast. SpinLab assists you to eliminate your weaknesses by not only providing a strong network but hands on support on many topics a young company faces. It is about finding real solutions making your startup succeed.”

Andreas DunschCEO, FlyNex

„Integrating young and innovative startups at SPINNEREI is a real value-added for all parties. SpinLab and the startups raise the awareness of SPINNEREI and the local artists and galleries at another target group. On the other hand, startups can benefit from the creative atmosphere and openness of our facilities here. Together, artists and entrepreneurs can interact and enrich their individual perspectives.”

Tillmann Sauer-MorhardCEO, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

“Imagination and finance have often had a fruitful relationship in the history of Leipzig. The arts, creativity and business-sense are not mutually exclusive. So I’m extremely happy that HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and SPINNEREI have found each other and established SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator as a joint venture to strengthen Leipzig’s entrepreneurial spirit. I wish them every success!”

Burkhard JungLord Mayor, City of Leipzig

“We came from Munich to Leipzig and were happy about this young, inexpensive city in which we immediately felt welcome. Through the great support by SpinLab we made rapid progress, built three prototypes and found our third co-founder Martin. The support of our mentor Prof. Kirchgeorg opened up many doors and we got into contact with many potential customers.”

Matthias FreysoldtCo-Founder SENSAPE

“The Spinlab Accelerator is a rare combination of scientific experience and research from renowned HHL with broad industrial know-how transported by experienced mentors as an in depth learning and support offer to founding teams. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of applications growing each season in numbers. Despite the professional standards we and Eric Weber an his team stands for the working environment with all our partners and the teams is attractive, open und also fun. The high amount of firms which are able to raise funds and reach the next level of business is also a result of the great ecosystem. This great opportunity embedded in the famous art scene Spinnerei is the place to be.”

K. Christian VogelCEO/CRO - Entrepreneur - Investor


spinlab ranked as 2nd best startup accelerator in germany

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