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25 September 2019
7 min read

We’ve started to get more involved with video production these days, both on social media and internally using various digitalization methods to improve our startup acceleration program. Our last video on vector graphics performed really well, so that really motivated us to focus a bit more on this channel.

We all consume video media in massive quantities. If you’re active on social media, every single program these days can bombard you with videos all day long.

And let’s face it, video content is awesome. There are a couple of great YouTube channels and Instagram accounts I check on daily, because I know I’m about to consume some seriously awesome content. It’s just a part of my day!

Reaction videos are a HUGE thing in 2019

I am a HUGE fan of the Epic Rap Battles (ERB) of History channel on YouTube. I’ve been following them actively since 2010, and I’ve seen every rap battle they’ve ever produced. In a nutshell, they produce professional short videos of various figures in history, both fictional and non-fictional, that “battle” each other in rap format. Trying to describe the magnitude of how awesome their content is in words does them no justice, so here, just check out one of my favorite videos by them, and frankly, everyone in the startup community should understand every joke and line in this battle – Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates:

Where the reaction video plays a role in the modern video world

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t actually know reaction videos where a thing until the summer of 2019. I was going around watching some new ERB videos, and YouTube’s genius algorithm was of course feeding me some suggestions in my sidebar, and that’s when one of the titles struck my interest – REACTION – Terminator vs Robocop Epic Rap Battles of History. Hmmmm, a reaction video, well what could that possibly be?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a video of a person watching the video for the first time, and they film their own natural reaction to it. It’s a simple concept, it’s highly entertaining, requires minimal knowledge of video editing to create, but the payoff is huge. If you search reaction video + any topic you choose on YouTube, you’ll likely find a reaction video for that topic.

That example I listed goes to The Matthews Fam YouTube Channel. This guy has basically done a reaction to every ERB Video created to date, and watching his reactions his hilarious. I’ve watched all of them, which was like a double gift because I got to see all the ERB videos again, and also be entertained by his reactions. Check out his reaction to Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg below:

It’s such a simple concept, but considering how simple the videos are, you cannot deny his numbers and how powerful of a marketing tool this can be.

Below are some view counts for some of his ERB reaction videos:

And the engagement on each reaction video from other YouTube is heavily active.

Enter SpinLab into the reaction video arena – #SpinLabReacts

So that got me really thinking, how could we leverage reaction videos with the startup community? Then the answer hit me:

Why not make rap videos that focus on business creation and development?

We want to react to your startup’s questions and projects! Basically any public content you have online is fair game, recorded pitches, website design, social media profiles, anything.

Things you need to know before submitting content to us for a reaction video

  1. The content must be online and public for the world to see. This only works if we’re able to show the world what we’re reacting to. So again, websites, social profiles, pitches – these are all great recommendations. Don’t send us any sensitive information you intend to keep semi-private.
  2. You must be open to your content being publicly criticized.The very nature of a reaction video is to capture a person’s natural and un-staged reaction to seeing something for the first time. If we see something that makes us cringe, we’re going to react accordingly. In the end, these videos are being made to educate the startup community, so everyone can learn from them. But it is entirely possible we might react negatively to something. It’s just part of the game boys and girls :-)

Ready to submit content for a reaction video by the SpinLab? Just fill out the form below

We can’t wait to start with #SpinLabReacts

We think this is going to be a great project, that will be both fun and educational for our readers. What do you think of it? Do you have a piece of content online that you’d like us to react to that isn’t yours? Let us know in the comments.

About the author

Shawn Segundo is the marketing manager at the SpinLab. He’s worked extensively with all company sizes from startups to enterprise clients while working as an online marketing consultant in both the United States and the European Union. Follow him on Twitter @shawn2nd