We’re giving away two tickets to the next TEDxHHL in June!

27th Apr 2018

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We love TED. They’re seriously some of the greatest talks you can find in the world, and we love it even more when local chapters setup TEDx events that we can participate in. The good news for Leipzig, is that yet another TEDxHHL event is scheduled for June 13th, 2018 from 1PM – 10PM. We’re so in love with TED, that we’ve even devoted entire blog articles to covering, in depth, what we think about certain talks, why we love them, and what startups can learn from them. You can check out our dissections of the following TED talks:

It can be argued that TED is the stage of all stages to speak on, and while not all of us may acclaim such glory in our lives, there is a chance to still be a part of the action.

Here’s another chance for you to win two free tickets

The last TEDxHHL event in October of 2017 sold out extremely fast, so we wouldn’t recommend waiting too long to buy tickets if you’re seriously interested in the event. However, if you’re willing to gamble with the gods of chance, you can certainly enter our competition to see if you can score two TEDxHHL tickets for free!

What you’ve got to do to be entered in the competition

Like always, we like to keep things easy, so yet again all you’ve got to do is either like and/or comment on the Facebook post below! That’s it, nothing else, no forms, nothing to subscribe to, nothing to download, all you’ve got to do is like the post. Now, here’s some more specific guidelines regarding the finer details:

“All you’ve gotta do to enter the contest is like and/or comment on their Facebook post below!”

(Yes this Post on this page is fully functional, you can like it directly from here! :) )

  1. Contest date range: This contest is already live, and will continue to run until 11:30AM on June 1st, 2018
  2. How winners will be selected: After the contest ends on 01.06.2018, we will randomly select a person from the list of people who liked and/or commented on the post, and they win the tickets!
  3. One person = One entry: In order to be fair, each person can only interact with the post once, and that counts as one entry. E.g. You like the post, and comment on it, you’re still only entered ONE TIME, not twice.
  4. Picking up the tickets: Winners must physically pick up the tickets in Leipzig. We’ll notify you on the 1st if we’ll have the ticket here in SpinLab or if it can be picked up at the venue.
  5. How winners will be notified: Since this contest is being hosted entirely in Facebook, winners will be notified via Facebook Messenger. Since Facebook can sometimes block messages from people you’re not associated with, we highly recommend liking the SpinLab Facebook Page so that our messages will get through to your inbox if you’re a winner!

That’s it guys! We look forward to seeing who wins the contest! And please don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to give them a chance to win as well ;)

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Shawn Segundo Marketing Manager

Shawn Segundo is the online marketing & event manager at the SpinLab. He’s worked extensively with all company sizes from startups to enterprise clients while working as an online marketing consultant in both the United States and the European Union. Follow him on Twitter @shawn2nd