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Our startup blog provides useful insights and tips or tricks we have learned at SpinLab for startup entrepreneurs in the fields of investor relations, fundraising including public grants, financial planning, tech topics, legal stuff, online marketing or recruiting amongst others. Our goal is to share key learnings with you.

Let’s talk about the third HHL SpinLab Investors Day

Check out the recap of events and knowledge from our third HHL SpinLab Investors Day.

Team Due Diligence and Venture Capital Brand Building – Key take aways from HHL SpinLab Investors Day

Findings on team due diligence and brand building for venture capitalists at the third HHL SpinLab Investors Day

How to pitch a startup: Breaking down one of our best startup pitches

Class 6 founder of motionscloud, LeX Tan, won 5000 Euros at our first HHL SpinLab Investors Day. The pitch was strong, check out our analysis of his pitch.

The 7 Main Public Grants your startup needs to be aware of in Germany

Check out our guide on how to navigate through some of the processes for some of Germany's most sought after public grants and funding.

An interview with Alexandre Santos, Chief Investment Officer at Bright Pixel

We've partnered up with Bright Pixel via the Data Market Services program & in this article we're exploring what the startup scene looks like in Portugal.

9 Ways to Boost your E-commerce Startup

If you're in the early phases of founding an ecommerce startup, we've got some tips here that can help you get ahead of the competion quickly.

How to finance your growth phase if the house bank is no longer willing to support?

Financing for your startup doesn't have to rely too heavily on the house bank, here we've got some idesa to overcome this challenge.

An interview with Martin Gothe on the DC Hub

If you're a German-Based startup looking to expand into asia, the DC Hub could be a great tool for you.

A quick intro to The IUIA Program

We've partnered up with the IUIA Program in China to exapnd our offerings for startups even further. Check out the details and interview here.

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