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Our startup blog provides useful insights and tips or tricks we have learned at SpinLab for startup entrepreneurs in the fields of investor relations, fundraising including public grants, financial planning, tech topics, legal stuff, online marketing or recruiting amongst others. Our goal is to share key learnings with you.

Startup Logos: Design DOs and DON’Ts

Startup Logo design shouldn't be too difficult, but we've got some tips to help you get a good grasp on the topic.
agile b2b selling for your startups

An introduction to agile B2B sales – Always start with WHY

Ever wonder what all this agile b2b selling stuff is? In our agile b2b selling series we'll break it all down for you.

An Interview with Miguel Garcia on the company Zabala

The first part in our interview series for the new initiative being led by Data Market Services.

Who is the most successful startup in Germany?

Ever wondered who the most successful startup in Germany is? We've done the analysis, and we've got an answer for you.

Important first impressions for a startup: The Logo and 6 ways to make sure it’s always perfectly presented

If you're making the mistakes in this article, your startup's logo is not being presented as well as it should be.
find a startup job in leipzig

How to find a startup job in Leipzig

Finding a startup job in Leipzig can be a rewarding experience. Check out our great resources on tips on how you can join the startup scene in Germany. ...

Advisory boards in German tech-based startups

Find out what role does the advisory board play for a startup, and why it is important.
number 1 reason startups succeed

What do you think is the number one reason that startups succeed?

Some startups succeed while others fail, but what actually is the number one reason that some startups do achieve success? Find out in this article!

4 Reasons why startups should always create pitch decks as a PDF

Startups have enough challenges as it is. Setting a poor first impression for yourself should not be one of them. Pitch decks should always be a PDF!

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