SpinLab Startup Jobs in Leipzig

Finding startup jobs in Leipzig can be hard, but we can help

Search no longer and work in one of the coolest environments on earth: get a job in Leipzig with one of our startup teams, or work at SpinLab itself!

We are always searching for like-minded, smart, passionate, and hard-working people to join our community which constantly has diverse job openings to offer.

Another special benefit of our community, is that a lot of our postings are actually searching for English-Speaking candidates as well.

Working with one of our startups can be one of the most rewarding jobs in Leipzig you can find, and down below we’ve got everything from student positions to senior level opportunities available, just check out our available startup job listings below.

spinlab startup jobs in leipzig

Not seeing a startup job that fits your dream profile?

If you are looking for a startup job or internship in Leipzig and none of the positions fits your profile please sign up for the SpinLab Talentpool.

We are well connected and may be able to help you find attractive software developer, business development, finance, design, marketing, product management, project management, customer support and sales jobs or internships in innovative startups in the Leipzig area.

Below are our current startup job listings available in Leipzig

Startup Jobs in Leipzig: FAQ

Are jobs in Leipzig hard to find?

It’s a hard question to answer. Leipzig is growing very rapidly so your opportunities these days can be quite diverse! That being said, the city, at the time of writing this, is in a very unbalanced stage. There’s a lot of very highly qualified positions opening up in the city, but no people to fill them. So maybe it’s the perfect time to land your dream job in an amazing city.

Do I need to speak German to get a startup job in Leipzig?

It helps of course! But it many cases is it actually no absolutely necessary. We’ve got the most international job offerings in Leipzig, and startup founders are realizing from the start that conducting business is much easier if they can communicate in English as well. So depending on the startup’s needs, you might be able to get a position with 0 German knowledge. Even if the posting is in German, ask! There’s still a chance for flexibility, just like everything else in the startup world.

What’s the differences between working for a startup and a big company?

FlexibilityEspecially in Germany, bigger companies are very know for their “bureaucracy” where it takes forever to make simple changes happen. This is normally not the case with startups, the teams are smaller, more fluid, and can take action right away. It’s very much a mentality of “let’s try it and see if it works, if it doesn’t let’s learn something from it.” And that’s very refreshing, you’ll learn a lot working at a startup.

Are these positions full time or part time?

Both. There’s all kinds of positions available, just check out the listings above. All the information regarding full / part time is included in each listing.

What skills are needed to get a startup job in Leipzig?

Above everything else, the ability to change direction quickly to solve problems effectively. If you’re the type of person who only wants to do the same 10 tasks every day at a job, this environment isn’t for you. For industries, developers of all code languages and modern-age marketers are in high demand in our startup scene.